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Music Spotlight: Disasterpeace 'Disasters for Piano'

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Disasterpeace - Disasters for Piano

Rich Vreeland, known artistically as Disasterpeace, is an incredibly talented composer who among other projects has produced some of the most emotive game soundtracks I've ever heard. Much of his work features rich, electronic timbres that come together to create captivating sonic ambiences. However, this particular album is nothing of the sort. Instead, it is a selection of Vreeland's compositions, beautifully arranged for piano by David Peacock and performed by Augustine Mayuga Gonzales. The album captures all the wonderment of Vreeland's original music with the added comfort and familiarity that can only be afforded by a solo acoustic piano. My highlights from the album are Forgotten and Nature. The bareness of these tracks provides a perfect space for Vreeland's contemplative harmonies to shine in.

See the bottom of the Bandcamp page for more info about how the album came together. And as a final note, you should definitely check out Disasterpeace's FEZ soundtrack while you're at it.

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