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Music Spotlight: Jon Hopkins 'Singularity'

Jon Hopkins - Singularity

I first heard of Jon Hopkins back in 2013 when his fourth studio album 'Immunity' was nominated for a mercury prize. Knowing little about him or his music I decided to have a listen, starting with what was arguably the most popular track on the album, 'Open Eye Signal'. Within an instant I was captivated. Hopkins had created an entire sonic world; powerfully driven by kinetic electronic timbres, but vividly organic and alive, and as I continued to explore his music I only became more engrossed. Hopkins' alluring blend of natural and electronic sounds has had me hooked from the moment I first heard his music, and his latest album 'Singularity' does not disappoint. The album is a conceptual masterpiece in which Hopkins' pushes his aesthetic style to its extremes, moving comfortably from lively saturated grooves to ethereal acoustic atmospheres. Jon Hopkins opened my eyes (and ears) to what was possible in electronic music, as a listener and a producer, and whether or not his music is your cup of tea, this album is well worth a listen.

Favourite Tracks:

  • Everything Connected

  • C O S M

  • Luminous Beings


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